Town of St. Paul 

Building Related Ordinances Page

Building Related Ordinances:                                                                                                St. Paul has adopted these national codes:

                                                                                                                                                                                                     IBC Amendments

Ord 008 - Create Planning and Zoning Commission ( Affects Town and ETJ* Properties)  Ord 215 IBC Codes            (active link)
Ord 178 - Amend Ordinance 008 (Affects Town and ETJ* Properties)  Ord 215 Building Code                                Exhibit A
Ord129B - Sign Ordinance (Affects Town and ETJ* Properties Ord 215 Residential Code                           Exhibit B
Ord 130 amended 12-08-2014 -  Zoning Ordinance D (AffectsTown Properties) Ord 215 Energy Conservation Code           Exhibit C
Ord 134 - Pools Ordinance (AffectsTown Properties)  Ord 215 National Energy Code                   Exhibit D
Ord  210A - Carports   (updated June,2016) Ord 215 IBC Plumbing Code                       Exhibit E
Collin County Court Order 2008-187-03-11 Resolution/Rules for Septic Systems (Affects Town and ETJ* Properties) Ord 215 IBC Mechanical Code                   Exhibit F
  Ord 215 Fuel Gas Code                               Exhibit G
  Ord 215 National Property Maint Code     Exhibit H
  Ord 215 International Fire Code                 Exhibit I


 * ETJ properties are those unincorporated properties located within the Town Boundaries


Updated 01-13-17