Town of St Paul

Businesses Guidance Page

The Town allows, by Ordinance, two types of businesses:

1).    Home business - run from a residence showing no visible evidence that it is there, ie. increased traffic, outside storage, noise, employees that do not live at that address.   Only vehicles driven by a resident are allowed on a frequent basis and they are allowed to have the business logo on it.

2).    Commercial business -  run from a properly zoned area.

        See pages 35 to 37 of this document to see what is allowed in your zoning.

        Opening a restaurant requires this restaurant request packet to be completed and submitted to the Town.

        Opening any other Commercial business requires this building permit packet to be completed and submitted to the Town.              

        A sign permit is required for any external sign.

        Smoking is NOT allowed in the business per this Ordinance 195.  You are required to post no smoking signs.  These do not require a permit


 * ETJ properties are those unincorporated properties located within the Town Boundaries