Town of St Paul

Zoning/Platting/Subdividing of Properties Page

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Planning and Zoning Board Info

Zoning Related Ordinances:   

Ord 008 - Create Planning and Zoning Commission (AffectsTown and ETJ Properties) 
Ord 178 - Amend Ordinance 008 (Affects Town and ETJ Properties) 
Ord 100- Subdivision Ordinance   ( Platting and subdividing property procedures affecting Town and Extra Territorial Jurisdtiction (ETJ*) Properties)
Ord 130 - Zoning Ordinance D - amended 12/08/14   (Zoning Rules affecting Town Properties)
Ord 185 - Amend Ord 100 (Number of Prints, Change to Exhibits)
St Paul/County Plat Agreement


 * ETJ properties are those unincorporated properties located within the Town Boundaries