St. Paul 

Septic Documents and Information

The Town of St Paul has provided these documents for the town's information. In general, they are free documents of larger pamphlets provided by:

The Texas A&M AgriLife OSSF website. The “Publications” tab includes a host of fact sheets you  might find helpful.

Also, the manuals listed under that tab are a great resource for more in-depth and technical information. When accessing these free publications through the website you’ll be re-directed to AgriLife’s bookstore where you must ‘add to cart’ and ‘checkout’ before you can download them. However, the cost is $0 and there is no cost to access them.

Once downloaded you’re free to share and distribute the publications however you like.  

 This is the website     listed below are a few of the documents the Town has already downloaded for you.


1 - Understanding and maintaining your Septic system - Document L5491

2 - Living with an Aerobic Treatment Unit and Spray Field - Document B6234

3 - Conventional septic tank/drain field - Document L5234

4 - Spray Distribution - Document L5236

5 - Pump tank - Document L5346

6 - Gravel-less pipe - Document L5343

7 - Gray water safety - Document L5480

8 - Homeowner's guide to evaluating service contracts - Document EB-6171